Most trusted Manufacturer of Plastic & Wooden Combs in India

We manufacturer high-quality plastic and wooden combs with an extensive range of variety. We manufacture and exports 9" Ladies Combs, 8" Ladies Comb, 7" Combs, Pocket Combs, Handle Combs, Shampoo Combs, Brush Combs, Printed Combs and Family Pack.

We exclusively manufacture combs for other brands (EOM Manufacturing) on bulk orders.

About us

We take this opportunity to introduce us as a leading manufacturer of Plastic and Wooden Combs having an experience of over 25 years and a large customer base from all over india & abroad. Our hallmark and goals are, incomparable quality, excellence of our total product, satisfaction to our customers safety to users and protection to the environment.

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Some of our popular brand's:


Shri Babosa Bhagwan is believed and worshipped by his devotees as to being an incarnation of Lord Hanuman. In his short life span of 17 years, he exhibited such divine qualities and miracles that people around him were surprised and believed him to be a divine soul. It is believed that Lord Hanuman blessed him with his name and power. Thus, people who knew him during his life on Earth started worshipping him as Shri Balaji Babosa Bhagwan.


Param Aradhika Manju Baisa is an ardent devotee of Lord Babosa. Baisa, as she is fondly called by the devotees, is blessed with the supernatural divine powers of Lord Babosa, so as to help people in suffering and distress. She has devoted her entire life in the selfless service of mankind. Devotees come to her to seek her occult blessings and divine guidance, which she offers selflessly without charging or accepting a single penny as her fee.

9" Ladies Comb Manufacturer & Supplier

8" Ladies Comb Manufacturer & Supplier

7" Hair Comb Manufacturer & Supplier

Pocket Combs Manufacturer & Supplier

Handle Combs Manufacturer & Supplier

Shampoo Combs Manufacturer & Supplier

Brush Combs Manufacturer & Supplier

Printed Combs Manufacturer & Supplier

Tooth Combs Manufacturer & Supplier

Family Pack

Salon Combs Manufacturer & Supplier